Art has always been an important outlet in my life, starting with Polaroid collages on my bedroom wall and cutting up old books to make the pages into something beautiful. I didn’t even process photographic art as a form of career until my early twenties — before it was just an essential piece of my lifestyle. I feel truly humbled to put food on my table doing what I cherish.

Throughout the journey of evolving and improving my craft, I have learned how complex each one of the relationships I have made are, and how much love I feel for the people whom I create for. I am lucky to witness such tender and special moments.

I have been working as a photographer for over a decade and have learned so much through that process. I was originally trained in film, and draw a lot of inspiration from that in my editing process. I am hoping to create memories for you that are modern, but will still have a timeless feel decades from now. Describing myself is certainly not my best quality, but I truly hope that my work will say a lot more than I’ll ever be able to.

Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.